8 Remarketing Audiences You Need To Be Targeting In Your PPC Campaigns

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Paid search is becoming increasingly expensive with more and more competition coming to almost every possible advertising search engine results page (SERP).

This is why you can’t afford to leave money on the table, which is why you should be targeting custom audiences in your PPC campaigns.

Our custom audience campaigns always outperform other campaigns.


Layering keywords with high-quality audience data.

Custom audiences are the secret to wildly profitable campaigns.

Here are the 8 audiences you should consider targeting in your PPC campaigns:


1. Total Time on Your Website + Number of Pages Visited

The length of a users visit (and number of pages visited) can be a great indicator of interest in your product, but when coupled with Google Analytics you can get an understanding of how much time actual converters spend on your site and where they go on your site.

By understanding what pages users visited while on your website, you can discover what stage of the funnel they are in (research, awareness, intent, or action).

Depending on where they fall, your remarketing ads can contain different messaging to entice them to continue down your funnel.


2. Sign-Ups or Downloads

You can create audiences for users who perform certain actions on your website such as signing up for a newsletter or downloading a case study.

This audience, if properly nurtured, will likely end up converting on your site, as they have already completed an intent-driven action.

As long as you are using data you’ve collected yourself, you can use it for search remarketing using Google’s Customer Match

This audience option allows you to expand your targeting based on customer data. This can be a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and driving conversions.


3. Users Who Regularly Interact with Parts of Your Website

A common website feature that can bring repeat visitors is a blog page. People who regularly follow your blog are great audiences to target. These people can be your biggest fans.

meme for blog post

Adjust messaging and offer something (incentives, sign-ups, promo exclusives, etc.) to continue nurturing this audience’s love for your brand and further engagement until they ultimately convert down the line.


4. Different Business Websites

If your business has additional websites – landing pages or additional brands, etc. you can have a great revenue opportunity through remarketing.

Sharing your first-party data can open new doors for your business, especially if you notice that searchers often interact between different domains before they convert.

Having multiple data sources can allow you to customize ad messaging for users in different stages of the purchasing funnel.


5. Products Viewed

Product pages can be great parts of your site to build out audiences because it is a further qualification. A user who makes it to your product page is more likely to convert off of remarketing than a user who just viewed your home page.

Segment out and increase the bid on product page defined audiences. If you are e-commerce, make sure that you have audiences organized by the type of products so you can be more specific in your remarketing.


6. Abandoned Carts

This is a go-to audience for e-commerce advertisers in both Search and Display remarketing campaigns simply because it is so effective.

This audience is comprised of consumers who make it all the way to the shopping cart – but don’t end up completing the purchase.

When these users continue searching, you can offer them incentives to return and complete their purchase, such as discounts.


7. Past Converters

Create an audience for customers who have already converted on your site and target competitor keywords so if they begin looking shopping around, your ads follow them.

This tactic can help you avoid losing customers to your paid competitors.

You can advertise loyalty discounts to these searchers to prevent them from leaving your brand.

8. Repeat Purchases

Do you sell products that need to be repurchased in a relatively short time-frame (60-90 days)? Build out an audience of those who re-purchase from your website with messaging about restocking near the time where they would need to buy again.

If they had a positive experience with your product and see an ad when they need to restock on a product, you will likely see a high conversion rate on this audience.

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